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Osiris Training & Consultancy Ltd (established 1998) is a U.K. - based organisation specialising in social care and related training, independent social work and various consultancy services (see link buttons to your left). You will find training courses on: Child Abuse and Child Protection, Analysis and Assessment, Risk, Family Support, Children in Need Assessment, Looked after Children, Care Planning, Attachment Theory, Intervention Methods for Children and Families, Working in Partnership, Mental Health courses, Change work, NLP and Brief Therapy and a great many more. 

We are very happy to undertake training or independent work commissions from Children's Departments / Children's Trusts; Local Safeguarding Children's Boards (LSCB); Education Departments (including Local Authority Schools and Independent Schools); Private, Voluntary and Charitable and National Health Service Organisations or even groups of individuals getting together to commission training.

Our course groupings are listed under Child Care Courses , Mental Health Courses and Adult Community Care respectively.


Social Work Info Pages: there is now quite a lot of resources information available on this site designed to teach free of charge. Obviously, we intend that this will "whet your appetite" for more and we get more commissioned training. For example, see our pages on Attachment Theory, Risk Dimensions, Judgement , Probability, Outcomes, Error Theory , Family Contact and so on. If you use any of this material please act in the proper way and acknowledge Osiris as its source. We always acknowledge our sources in our training materials and so should you whatever your role.

We also offer Consultancy services ranging from Independent Social Work (including Expert Witness Court Work in Child Care issues), Attachment Style Interview - Adoption / Fostering and various other social work advisory and training design services.

The Commissioning Us button to the left will take you to pages on how to commission us and other contractual matters, our general conditions re training, area coverage, fees and charging policy and our professional insurance.

Expert Witness refers to our independent family and child care Assessment Reporting or Court Reporting services. Our Consultancy page refers more generally to our various Independent social work services.

In About Us you will find details about our history and the people who are Osiris Training & Consultancy Ltd.

Our main site FAQs section will take you to pages which answer questions on our name and even how to pronounce Osiris!  You will also find information about our area coverage, general training venue expectations, complaints procedure and links to our Research page which in turn links to our Bibliography pages. Our LINKS page comprises a number of hyperlinks to information rich websites / webpages we feel are of value to social care workers.

To find out more about what Osiris Training & Consultancy Ltd can do for you, please take your time and explore our web site. We have tried to make Navigation as easy as possible. The main categories of our services appear on the navigation buttons on your left. Immediate navigation in the area you are exploring is available either on your left and (mostly) at the bottom of the page. Enjoy your visit, then take the next step and make contact (Click here or on the "Contact Us" button on left of screen) to communicate your requirements. 


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